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Leader: John Hornsby

Team Members: Alan Harris, Margaret Hornsby, Alan Lee, Les Harris, Derek Murden, Tony Yorwerth, Carl Rees, David Morgan, Richard Newman, Graham Watkins

The fabric team keeps the Church building in tip top condition. By way of giving you an overview of the type of jobs undertaken, we performed the following jobs over the past 1-2 years. 

  1. Considerable work on drains in Woodland Avenue after blockages. 
  2. Front pew adjacent to organ removed to make room between piano and steps thus giving easier access to gent’s toilet etc. 
  3. Edges of steps repainted at all of our buildings.
  4. Light in vestry porch attended to.
  5. Large Sack of sand near front gate and left over from stonework repairs eventually removed.
  6. Damaged door between two classrooms replaced and locks fitted.
  7. Toilet of vestry repaired.
  8. Door marked with wheelchair access sign plus temporary ramp at that door.
  9. Damaged iron down pipe and guttering replaced with plastic.
  10. 5 mm perspex sheeting fitted to classroom doors.
  11. Cement of outside wall of classroom cut away and re- cemented to attempt cure signs of damp inside the classroom. 
  12. Boilers serviced (fan replaced in W.A. boiler and vestry).
  13. Curtain rail in Youth/Children/Family Worker’s office replaced.
  14. New key box fitted.
  15. One of the fabric team built the new desk for sound control system.
  16. Meeting with Heating Engineers regarding possible replacement of old iron radiator at present limiting wheelchair access in Sanctuary. Plan would involve draining the system so propose to wait until system draining becomes necessary. 
  17. New power point fitted in Young People’s room to avoid cables lying on floor. 
  18. Obstructive curb at entrance of car park now painted yellow.
  19. P.A.T. testing (ongoing).
  20. Replacement or renovation of security lighting where and when necessary.
  21. Paint back corridor and other areas apart from main sanctuary.
  22. P.A.T. testing ongoing.
  23. Mark new sound equipment with security Smart Water as necessary.
  24. Continue programme of replacing sanctuary spot lights with more efficient diode versions.
  25. Replace temporary wooden ramp to wheelchair access door with concrete.
  26. Repaint and re-floor kitchen (unless the major plan for a new kitchen goes ahead quite soon).
  27. Repaint the stage and its front wall (unless again, plans materialise fairly quickly).
  28. Organise a De-clutter and deep clean for the church.
  29. Consider better wheelchair access (This decision is partly dependent on whether and or/if we need to change the pump on the main boiler. If we do – and the system needs to be drained – that would be an opportunity to replace the old iron radiator with a narrower one giving better access.)
  30. Additional stronger power supply to the kitchen. 
  31. Seal roof of boiler room at Woodland Avenue by adding a layer of strong felt stuck directly onto the concrete roof.
Main Address

Gilgal Baptist Church                     
Park Avenue
CF36 3EP, UK

Registered Charity Number : 1134864


Phone: +44 (0)1656 785046