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We have some bright plans ahead for the future of Gilgal. Find out more below. 

Our present site in Park Avenue was provided to our forefathers under the terms of a Deed of Gift in 1917 and the ‘New Gilgal’ was opened on 4th October 1922, having been built at a cost of £8,757. In 1938 the hall was built and cost £2,000. Since then, some fairly modest additions and alterations have been made, and today the combined insurance value of the site is £3,880,000.

These are exciting times, when we are looking to make major alterations to the Park Avenue site. We are hoping to build a new glass-fronted main entrance between the church and the hall, creating additional space for mingling, with new toilets and an extended kitchen. There will also be additional rooms for offices or small meetings, and a balcony overlooking the main sanctuary.

Development schematic
Gilgal plan view

Plans have been drawn and planning permission has successfully been obtained. We are now moving into the detailed design phase and awaiting some further drawings and calculations which will enable us to seek definitive quotations for the work.  

Meanwhile, an indicative cost of £800,000 has already been provided. Once we have actual quotations from potential contractors, we will be in a position to submit relevant grant applications. 

If you feel led to give towards the scheme, please contact John Hornsby (treasurer). 

Download the Member’s Letter or a Standing Order Form to support this work.

Main Address

Gilgal Baptist Church                     
Park Avenue
CF36 3EP, UK

Registered Charity Number : 1134864


Phone: +44 (0)1656 785046