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About Gilgal

Everything you want to know about Gilgal can be found on this website. This page is a great place to start. 

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We are a bible believing, lively, friendly, evangelical Baptist Church,

Our mission statement is : “To know Jesus better and to make Him better known”.

Our Basis of Faith can be found here.


GILGAL was formed over 140 years ago and is situated in Porthcawl on the South Wales coast.

Gilgal is located close to the town centre, on Park Avenue and  comprises the main Church building – the sanctuary – and a separate hall alongside.


We consist of approximately
150 people of all ages who meet in fellowship, reflecting a diverse section of Christian background, traditions and experiences. Our extended family, who may not participate in worship services but share in our community activities, is of course much greater..

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OUR DIVERSITY of Christian traditions and backgrounds manifests itself in the provision of three distinct services of worship and ministry held every week – contemporary worship on Sunday mornings and discipleship in the evenings at Park Avenue; and a traditional service on Wednesday mornings. 
OUR BIBLE STUDY and prayer is further supported by multiple house groups and a Prayer and Bible study meeting which meets at Park Avenue on a Tuesday evening. Mission is a significant part of Gilgal’s ministry offering both financial and practical support to a range of missionary organisations
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OUR CHILDREN and young people’s work is extensive with an emphasis on helping them learn about Jesus and what it means to become a believer and follower. We also have numerous activities that engage with our community.

Gilgal service

GILGAL has a conventional Baptist management structure with the minister and up to twelve deacons supported by ministry teams that embrace the full spectrum of the church’s worship, fellowship, pastoral care, witness and mission although the church meeting is always the ultimate authority.

Gilgal is affiliated to the South Wales Baptist Association (SWBA).

Main Address

Gilgal Baptist Church                     
Park Avenue
CF36 3EP, UK

Registered Charity Number : 1134864


Phone: +44 (0)1656 785046